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The world is a complicated place.


My goal is to make it less so. 

We live in times, that change so fast, we are scared of putting our phones down in the off-chance we might miss something. As our world sets a course of ever-increasing globalization, we find ourselves more interconnected than ever. Yet, with each connection comes more complexity. And it's exhausting. And it's overstimulating. It can feel as if the world is sprinting and all you can muster up is a jog, never getting close to catching up. News Flash: You're not the only one.


The big issues of today, the issues that people care about, are complicated; there's no avoiding that. However, what I'd like to do with my little corner of the internet is break-down topics people care about, like traveling, politics, and overall living in the 21st century as a young adult. It is my hope you come here looking for something and leave with something. Or at least I made you think. Either way, thanks for stopping by.